Slimz Product Range
We’ve got all the product support you need to reach your ideal weight-loss. Slimz offers a range of products formulated with a variety of natural (herbal), active and clinically tested ingredients, proven for a safe and effective weight loss results.

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Climux range of supplements for him and for her, offers non-hormonal support therapy to aid the body in increasing energy, sexual function and vitality.

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Viralmed is a comprehensive blend of Botanical ingredients, herbal blends and powerful 
ANTI-OXIDANTS which have been shown to assist the immune system and protect the body against the development of illnesses caused by virus’s bacteria and protozoa especially during periods of higher risk and susceptibility.

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Herbal Draught

African Traditional Medicine, is the oldest form of health care system that has stood the test of time. It is an ancient and culture-bound method of healing that humans have used to cope and deal with various diseases that have threatened their existence and survival. The Herbal Draught range has been produced to meet the criteria of African Traditional Remedies. These blends are based on the African Traditional methods of brewing the herbs to release the full value of the active ingredients.