our roots

Back in 1996 our founder, a pharmacist by profession observed a growing trend towards natural supplements. People wanting to improve their health and performance were looking more into alternative treatments for enhancing their well-being. People wanted to look and feel better about themselves without resorting to conventional medications and drugs.

At the time there were very few credible natural alternatives with not much safety or efficacy data and very little to show in terms of positive outcomes for use. Starting to research and experiment with natural extracts, he discovered the discipline of Complimentary Medicine where using the right natural sources and correct potency’s in good formulations of herbal extracts provided formulations where people could actually start to feel the effects and experience the benefits and positive outcomes for health and well being.

This philosophy of using the science of nature remains the underlying principal for all XS Health products and formulations. We develop trusted high quality, high potency medicines. XS HEALTH products are Scientifically developed by our team of pharmacists, dietitians as well as our Research and Development nutritional and regulatory experts.

We use high grade, high quality natural ingredients, that are potent, safe and effectively formulated to give you effects and results you can experience and feel. Our range of products are focused on maximizing your health naturally, while ensuring you are getting the best value and is backed by our online pharmacist support and money back guarantee.